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Saturday, 24 July 2010


Hi there,

This week, as well as following the election campaign, a close eye has been kept on the launch of ABC's new 24 hour news channel, cleverly titled "ABC News 24"... Go figure.

With the launch on Thursday, I was hoping for a lot of funny slip-ups and problematic formats leading to hilarity. Unfortunately, the new channel is running surprisingly smoothly, with not many glitches and really great news stories. It's a triumph for Australian television, but a struggle for satirists. I'll have to keep recording in hope of a meltdown after the shine wears off.

All this news watching is starting to take its toll. This morning I predicted Gillard's climate change speech word for word. I know her patterns like the back of my hand. It's scary.

Our election coverage is shaping up nicely. Hopefully the News 24 piece will go in a positive direction too.

Exciting news ahead. Stay tuned!

Yours lovingly,
Jeremy Moses.

Twitter: @varietygarage

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