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Saturday, 17 July 2010


Hi there,

Today was definitely an interesting day in Australian politics. Gillard called the election, which means Variety Garage is now on election watch.

I spent the morning recording and logging Seven and Nine's coverage of Gillard's journey to Parliament House. They followed her every move with helicopters, and when the news stopped coming in, inane conversation was all that remained. There's definitely some gold in there.

The next step will be keeping an eye on the coming days' news, looking for funny lines or bungles in TV coverage. It's hard work and can sometimes take hours of recording, but it is important to find those little, interesting/funny moments.

After that, I will compile the clips into inserts and then write a script that joins them together. It should be challenging but fun.

I'm unsure what format to use for VG's election coverage: Whether to do the couch pieces I usually do, take to the streets talking to voters, or even build dramatic skits around the weekly events.

Nonetheless, we'll be back August 1st, no doubt with a piece about the first week-or-so on the campaign trail.

Stay tuned!

Yours lovingly,
Jeremy Moses.

Twitter: @varietygarage

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