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Saturday, 28 August 2010


Hi there,

Recently, VG relaunched after a month off in July. The first video back was the RELAUNCH TEASER, a good visual summary of our work so far. We were ready to go...

It was an exciting time with an election campaign afoot. A decision was made to approach our coverage in a more creative way, rather than the couch pieces we've done in the past.

Next will be a piece we shot at the local primary school on voting day. It was the first one shot with my new camera (other than some tests) so the camera work is a little rusty, but overall it's a solid piece.

Another new feature is our secondary channel "VG EXTRA" which will house some outtakes, behind the scenes footage, and content that didn't make the cut. Check it out now!

It has been a rather slow restart, but in the coming months VG will re-emerge, leaving the election behind, with a lot of exciting content. Stay tuned!

Yours lovingly,
Jeremy Moses.

Twitter: @varietygarage

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