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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Chasing False Idols: My Night As A Belieber...

Hi there,

It all started when I was eleven years old, and Anastacia (of "I'm Outta Love" fame) was to perform at Bankstown Square Shopping Centre.

I pleaded with my parents but was denied permission to go, so on the morning, while my family slept I snuck out with only coins in my pocket, rode the train using commuters' directions, and arrived just in time to see her perform two songs. 

I didn't have an album for her to sign, so instead I nervously phoned home, and after my frantic mother realised where I was, I begged a butcher for two dollars (using the line "I know you're a kind man..."), bought a train ticket and guiltily made my way home to face the music (much more than two songs). 

Fast-forward 12 years and the chase was on again; now for worldwide teen superstar Justin Bieber, who was in Sydney to perform a harbour-side concert. with a camera, a microphone, and Amanda, I headed to Circular Quay.

We started at the queue where fans had been waiting since early in the morning. With one more sleep until Bieber's concert, the kids planned to camp out overnight; something that would've never been allowed when I was their age. 

After interviewing some queueing Beliebers, we headed to Bieber's hotel, where packs of screaming/singing teenage girls yelled joyfully at every black SUV that entered the carpark. We waited three hours, but alas Bieber was never seen.

We returned to the queue at 3am. Joy and chatter was replaced with yawns and whispers. It was a long night for us too. Luckily the next day was full of energy. Justin Bieber appeared, performed more songs than planned, and made his young fans ecstatic.

After the gig, we ran with the Beliebers as they followed their idol's car, but while they headed towards the hotel in hopes of a sighting, for us the chase was over.

When I got home, my worried father asked me where I had been all night. ...As I fell asleep, I realised I was back where I started.

Yours lovingly,
Jeremy Moses.

Twitter: @varietygarage

Sunday, 12 August 2012

VG: Chasing Bieber (Sydney 2012)

Non-Belieber Jeremy Moses follows diehard Justin Bieber fans as they camp out in the lead-up to his Sunrise concert in Sydney, Australia.

Written, Presented & Edited by: Jeremy Moses.
Camera Operator: Amanda Goltz.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

VG: Staying Afloat

Filmmakers Jeremy Moses and Hugh Berry camp out on Avoca Beach as the No Ship Action Group protest the scuttling of the HMAS Adelaide in April, 2011.

Presented by: Jeremy Moses & Hugh Berry.
Edited by: Jeremy Moses.
Special thanks to: Quentin Riley, Michelle Meares & the No Ship Action Group.
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Sunday, 8 July 2012

VGE: Crazzy Dance (From 2012 Teaser)

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From "Variety Garage: 2012 Teaser":

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Variety Garage: 2012 Teaser

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& dflare.
Edited by: Jeremy Moses.